Monday, 9 September 2013

17 Signs And All True!

A slightly - oldie, but a goodie from Food Republic. Their article 17 Signs You're A Cocktail Snob is great, please read it in full here. And yes, I do dream of perfect ice, what self respecting bar enthusiast doesn't?

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Totally Tropical Tastes

The summer menu at Potato Head is tropical, fresh and summery, everything a cocktail menu created to be sipped in warm sunshine by the sea in Bali should be.

Vitamin Sea.
Mandarin vodka with grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange juice, passion fruit and honey water.

Super Flic
Gin, raspberry liqueur, chopped lemon, mixed berry puree, cane syrup and tonic water

PH Martini.
Soursop fruit, gin, vanilla sugar and strawberry puree
Bali Island Iced Tea.
Balinese Arak, spiced rum, lemongrass gin, mango puree, vanilla tequila, lemon juice, cointreau, passion fruit syrup and sprite

Koko Kabana. Vanilla tequila, coconut rum, chopped pineapple, coconut water, chopped pineapple and orange, coconut foam, passion fruit syrup

Young Coconut.
Pure coconut water and flesh

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Summer Days

I'm currently in Bali, working with Potato Head so I don't feel too bad about the amazing summer that people keep telling me is happening in London right now.  The Potato Head Beach Club is the latest addition to the group whose first venue was in Jakarta. A mix of luxury and contemporary styling, each location has a uniquely local focus and a personal touch that appeals to residents and tourists alike. Putting the bar and cocktail list together has been a pleasure, and while I'm sure the summer in London will soon be fading, I'll be enjoying mine for a while longer...

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

World's Best Tequila Bars

As anyone who knows me well (or possibly has met me a couple of times!) might know, my favourite spirit is Tequila. I've travelled the Tequila homeland, Mexico, a number of times, written a book about Tequila, opened a Tequila bar in London, and mixed countless Tequila based drinks at bars and pop ups all over the globe. Drinks International asked me to talk about my favourite Tequila bars, and you can read the full feature here. I enjoyed writing it and the memories that researching the article brought flooding back.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Happy Summertime!

I've been spending a lot of time finishing off my latest book, Cocktails At Home. As I mentioned previously on the blog, it’s going to be the ultimate easy – to – use cocktail recipe book, a mix of classic and contemporary drinks that are fun to make and taste amazing. As anyone who is friends with a bartender or two will tell you, having dinner around a friends house is instantly lifted when instead of the usual bottle of wine a tray load of freshly made watermelon martini’s are brought out! 

It’s the first day of summer today (depending on where in the world you are reading this from!) so here’s a preview from the book of a classic summer drink, the ‘Capirinha’. A simple to make, delicious, refreshing cocktail which tastes best either when sipped on the beaches of its native Brasil, or anywhere with the sunshine on your face.

Limes, sugar, crushed ice, cachaça, sunshine.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cocktail Academy

Crafting amazing drinks doesn’t require a whole load of fancy kit. Experimenting with cocktails on the weekend is a lot more fun than simply opening a bottle of wine … and it doesn’t have to be any more daunting.

That's why we launched Opium's Cocktail Academy. The course, devised by myself and Esther Medina Cuesta, aims to teach attendees the basics of cocktail making. It takes you through the ingredients used, the methods - shaking, building and stirring, the tools you'll need, a little of the history surrounding the drinks and lots of other useful and interesting tips. It's a very interactive and lively course, you make (and taste!) all the drinks yourself, and questions are encouraged! We make a fresh lemonade, talk you through a Collins, an Old Fashioned, a Daiquiri and a Martini, both the classic version and one with an Opium twist using our range of homemade syrups, bitters and infusions.

Sessions run on Tuesdays and Saturday afternoons - email Opium to book.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Opium Cocktail No. 1

This is the first signature cocktail on Opium's first seasonal menu, aptly named the Opium Cocktail No 1. The mix of two rums, absinthe, mandarin juice, kaffir lime leaf syrup and citrus bitters creates a sophisticated layering of flavours. It's served, smoking, in an Argentinian Mate (ma-te) cup, to give the feeling that you're smoking an Opium pipe. A small capsule of ginseng is served on the side. Strictly limited to 2 per guest!